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Massage Chairs for your personal health and everyday use


 Our massages chairs are the ultimate relief for your body. The goal behind our massages chairs are to reinvigorate your mind and soul as you allow yourself to relax and soothe away your stress in minutes. You will escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life as your body indulges in a relaxing and invigorating massage.





Our professional support staff works diligently to answer any question you may have. 

Direct Spa Supplies offers the finest in salon and spa equipment for all of your needs in the Salon, Spa, and Medical arenas. We also have parts and installation available to you anywhere in the United States! We pride ourselves in helping you every step of the way for the ultimate success of your business.

How can we help you and your business? Our years of experience in the salon and spa industry have made us a leader in developing strategies that will make your life easier and worry free. Let's build a long lasting relationship together for the best interest of your business! 

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